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Jim Coffey, friend of popes, Catholic fundraiser


Mark Forrest, international Irish tenor, Founder of The Faith and Family Foundation 


Eric Genuis, internationally acclaimed composer and classical pianist


Pete Gianino, attorney, real estate marketer


Donna A. Heckler, global marketing executive, author of The Truth About Creating Brands That People Love and Be Radiant, inspirational speaker


James Henrie, movie executive, principal partner of Novo Media Group


Jason Jones, Founder of Movies to Movement, H.E.R.O., film producer, inspirational speaker  

Rob Longo, Executive Director, Stewardship: A Mission of Faith


Jimmy Mitchell, Founder of Mysterium Records, Nashville


Steve Rupp, director of Conference Support, Society of St. Vincent de Paul


Deby Sansone Schlapprizzi, Author of The Splendor of You, radio program host, inspirational speaker

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