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Your DONATION enables Mater Media to


transform CULTURE,

fortify MARRIAGES,

and impact LIVES

with the love and truth of JESUS CHRIST

by using the tools of MODERN MEDIA.

Watch the MATER MEDIA 2023 video to know more.



$25,000 — INFLUENCER

Mater Media Donors at the INFLUENCER level are strategic in their approach to support positive change and empower holiness in families, communities, and culture at large. 

$15,000 — EVANGELIZER                    

Donors at the EVANGELIZER level are eager to share the love of Christ with people of all ages. These Mater Media donors are happy to assist in development of resources to help those who need spiritual encouragement.

$10,000 — ENERGIZER     

Donors at the ENERGIZER level are pro-active about inspiring the people in their circle of influence with the love and truth of Jesus Christ.


Donors at the INTERCESSOR level understand the urgent need to evangelize minds, hearts and souls --and pray regularly for the  Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth, especially with faith and culture.

You can donate a different amount than those listed. All financial donations to Mater Media are fully tax-deductible. 

Mater Media is a 5013c charitable organization. Your support is deeply appreciated!


Your donations enable us to support the spiritual growth of countless people through the success of powerful films, uplifting concerts, inspiring books, and digital resources.


Plus, Mater Media's CELEBRATE CATHOLIC MARRIAGE EXPERIENCE integrates film, print, and digital media to strengthen and energize Catholic married couples - thus impacting an entire generation of souls trying to find their way to Jesus through the lies and darkness of modern culture. 

Supporting Mater Media is a wise way to put your resources on a path to do GREAT good!

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