Mater Media promotes HOME CONCERTS and RETREATS by the Catholic musicians, artists, and speakers at Nashville-based Love Good Culture.

Mater Media sponsors and promotes Eric Genuis’ CONCERTS FOR HOPE which bring light into the darkness of prisons around the world. 

Mater Media is in the process of developing cutting-edge HOLY RAP SONGS to reach Gen X, Gen Y, and millennials with entertainment and inspiration.



Mater Media is a Catholic apostolate consecrated to Mary, the Blessed Mother of God.  “Mater” is the Latin word for Mother.  As Mater Dei is translated The Mother of God, Mater Media is translated The Mother of Media.

Mater Media was established and consecrated to the Mother of Media, the Blessed Virgin Mary, in 2012, with a vision “to write, print, publish, and distribute books for free, to evangelize the Catholic Faith.”

While publishing 10 Catholic books with 100,000 copies in print, Mater Media expanded its mission: “To Make Jesus Christ More Known and More Loved by More People—Through Media.”

Today, Mater Media works with its Hollywood partners to create, develop, fund, distribute, and promote MOVIES that uplift and inspire.

Mater Media produces CDs and DVDs, and shoots and posts VIDEOS on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, to promote the Holy Rosary, inform and entertain, and evangelize the Faith.