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God Strong

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How To Become Spiritually Strong


Our smallest book ever, but packed with power, this mini book (2 x 3.25in, 36 pages) is filled with sound advice about winning in spiritual warfare. Written by the founder of U.S Grace Force, Fr. Richard Heilman, this booklet provides instruction on how to Go Weapons H.O.T. – developing and employing Humility, Obedience, and Trust.


Includes instructions on how to make a good confession and pray the rosary. This book is frequently included in Fr. Heilman’s Combat Rosary Kit. First published in April of 2021. 20,000 copies are in print.


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A brand-new daily devotional for every day of the year. Each date features a memorable and quotable sentence uttered by the saints. 395 pages, all full-color, featuring classic artwork from numerous centuries. Quoted saints include: St. John Bosco, St. Jose Maria Escriva, St. Bernadette, St. John Vianney, St. Philip Neri, St. Monica, St. Joan of Arc, St. Elizabeth, St. Thomas More, and so many more!

This beautiful book serves as an ideal gift for any occasion, and may also be ordered in bulk.

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Let Freedom Ring


A powerful 40-day tactical training for freedom from the devil.


Co-Authored by former attorney turned priest and social media influencer, Father James Altman, the leader of U.S. Grace Force and creator of the Combat Rosary, Father Richard Heilman, and agnostic turned priest and pastor, Father William Peckman, Let Freedom Ring describes forty ways the devil influences our lives.


To combat the forces of evil, Let Freedom Ring provides a 40-day training program, perfect for Lent but applicable over any 40-day period, to strengthen today’s Catholics spiritually, mentally, and physically.


Providing ways to cultivate virtues that counteract demonic manifestations, the authors highlight many spiritual weapons that have fallen by the wayside in modern culture. 


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The Deal 

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This unique, powerful, emotion-filled Catholic novel, written by longtime national radio host and EWTN documentary producer, Chuck Neff, immediately drew rave reviews on and other forums.


Within 90 days of its release, The Deal influenced thousands of couples struggling in their marriages, celebrating their marriages, or preparing for the Sacrament of Matrimony.


The lead character, Charlie, is a high-flying lawyer who wants out of his marriage to Nora. Charlie’s unexpected two-day reunion with Father Billy, formerly known as Wild Bill Donahue, becomes a clash of friends that ricochets from a small church, to a majestic bluff, to a mysterious cabin.


Charlie is faced with a gut-wrenching dilemma: an internal collision of anger, frustration, passion, and faith.


He discovers that to achieve the deal of a lifetime, it will cost him everything. His very soul is on the line.


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Surrender to Joy


The revealing memoir, packed with heartfelt spiritual truth, of longtime corporate attorney, Allan Barton. 

Over 30 years ago, Allan was crushed by the weight of severe personal loss. In response to his cry for help, he received an outpouring of grace that changed the course of his life.

He learned that surrendering self unleashes the freedom to embrace the fullness of life. This new understanding of reality led him to experience the greatest joy he had ever known. 

With vivid imagery, Surrender to Joy illustrates Allan’s journey with Jesus as he discovers:

  • The Paradox of True Freedom

  • The Surprise Hidden in an Awakened Faith

  • The Joy of a Self-Giving Life


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The unique and powerful Catholic novel for young teens, 

My Rock & Salvation


My Rock & Salvation delivers a powerful message about the Theology of the Body built around the adventures of a young, budding rock star. The characters include the young musician, a superstar NFL wide receiver, two beautiful, young Catholic women, the boys in the band, a dynamic former college football player-turned-priest, a slimy talent agent, and a mysterious, angelic figure.

The novel’s theme revolves around the relationships of protagonists Manny and Sheila, and their friends. It incorporates a murder, an attempted murder, a near-death experience, an unwanted pregnancy, a recurring drug addiction, and scintillating debates about abortion and chastity and true love to hold young readers’ attention.  

Working primarily in partnership with the Steubenville Conferences in many U.S. cities, Mater Media has distributed 20,000 copies of My Rock & Salvation to young teens. 

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Zip Rzeppa’s soul-baring autobiography,

For A Greater Purpose


It’s the story of how an ordinary, middle-class kid from Detroit with no major contacts or impressive wealth or genius wound up in some amazing places.

Like going to school with Howard Stern. Lounging poolside with Johnny Bench. Negotiating with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the living room of his California home. Hanging with the greatest female athlete of the 20th century. Creating national radio shows for Dick Vitale and Dan Dierdorf. Helping Joe Buck get his start in TV.  Traveling the world with Bill O’Reilly.

But it’s also the story of overcoming addictions early in life, making millions of dollars then going broke, finding and losing love—more than once.  Of hearing a call to a higher purpose, and launching into service—helping people with extreme mental and physical disabilities, reaching out to the poor and the suffering, acquiring homes for foster children, going door-to-door in the inner city to evangelize the Catholic Faith. 

It’s about finding one’s true calling, and responding in love and grace.

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is the emotional, true story of a boy named Widy (Weedy) born in Haiti with hydrocephalus.

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Written by WIDY’S adopting mother, Jody Hauf, it relates how a child who could never walk, or even stand, who knew no more than 40 words, could influence the lives of thousands of people, by being exactly who the Lord made him to be.

Hauf skillfully describes the pain and suffering, the setbacks and victories, the love and the joy of her fight to provide for WIDY’S needs and desires through unconditional, self-sacrificing love. WIDY evokes many laughs and tears, and deeply touches even the most stone-hearted.

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The autobiography of noted ophthalmologist, Dr. Harry R. Brady, who established the Brady Institute for the Homeless at St. Louis University, which has served more than 11,000 medically-disenfranchised patients.

Harry’s account of growing up poor in Pittsburgh, with rats in the basement and an alcoholic father, is peppered with hilarious incidents of childhood mischief and adolescent shenanigans.

He recounts the accident that cost his three college classmates their lives, and led him into atheism, and the subsequent pain of graduating from Georgetown without his friends.

His journey through medical school, his M.A.S.H.-like service as a surgeon during the Vietnam war, the surgeries he performed to save the sight of the poorest of the poor in Haiti, his romance, marriage, and children all precede his spiritual enlightenment, in his eighties, as he reconciles science and religion, and returns to his Catholic Faith after 64 years away.    

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