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God Woos is a collection of the favorite poems written over a 50-year period by Benedictine monk-priest, Father Ralph Wright.

Born in Nottinghamshire, England in 1938 and educated at Oxford, Father Ralph has been writing and teaching in the United States since 1970. In God Woos, he offers selections from some of his acclaimed poetry books, including Ripples of Stillness, Life is Simpler Toward Evening, All the Stars are Snowflakes, and Seamless, as well as some thought-provoking recent works.

This poet of great distinction wondrously describes the beauty of mother and child, the majesty of clouds, the miracle of snowflakes, the wonders of love, peace, rain, leaves, and of course, the glory of God.

God Woos: Favorite Poems of a Monk Priest: 1970–2020

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