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Celebrate Catholic Marriage by putting GOD First. Be united through Christ to each other.


On this step in the CCME journey, you are invited to be intentional about putting GOD first in your marriage. Couples who make faith and trust in God a first priority for themselves individually often sense that they are naturally drawn closer to each other as they do. Check out the list below for individuals and organizations that can help you.


This resource list aligns with the FIFTH of the seven themes in: The Seven Days to a Marriage Worth Celebrating Workbook.

Celebrate Catholic Marriage - Putting GOD First

1) Marian Devotional Movement - Rosary Confraternity

Ramp up the spiritual power in your marriage by praying the rosary together. Then super power those Rosaries by uniting your prayer in the Confraternity with others from around the world. 

2) Father Richard Heilman: US Grace Force 

Men and women are invited to get spiritually strong to make a difference in your marriage, your family and the world! 

3) Blessed is She (for women) Great spiritual solidarity for women.


4) Exodus 90 (for men) Men’s Catholic spirituality approached as an “extreme sport”.

5) (for moms) Helpful resources for cultivating happiness and holiness in family life.


6) The Messy Family Project  Resources, ideas and encouragement for couples.

7) Father Mike Schmitz

 Bible in a Year, Catechism in a Year The down-to-earth video and podcast talks by Father Mike offer clarity and inspiration rooted in Catholic faith. Great for men and women.

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