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Mater Media is a promoter of one-night concerts, half-day retreats, and weekend conferences presented by the LOVE GOOD CULTURE movement out of Nashville.

These events bring some of the best and brightest Catholic musicians, singer-songwriters, artists, and speakers into homes across America.

These inspired—and inspiring—young performers not only bring souls to reflect on the good, the true, and the beautiful through their tremendous music, art, and messages, but they are living examples of a growing movement of young people leading the way to change the culture.


Mater Media has hosted six one-night House Concerts, and each concert has generated a three-fold response: 


Thank you for inviting us to hear these great young people!


How can I support these performers and artists in their mission?


How can I host a House Concert in my home?


Mater Media supports and facilitates the work of LOVE GOOD CULTURE
in its important mission.

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