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Acclaimed motivational speaker, author, broadcaster, evangelist, Zip Rzeppa, delivers heart-felt, humor-filled storytelling at its very best, providing messages that challenge, enlighten, and encourage.


Preachy? No! Boring? No way! Fun, fascinating, and inspiring? Absolutely!


In today's chaotice, frantic, secular world, how does one discover - and live - the Joy of the Gospel? Zip Rzeppa shows the way!


This product contains 6 CD's:

CD 1: How to Live for a Greater Purpose

CD 2: How to Bring Your Loved Ones Back to the Catholic Faith

CD 3: How to Follow the Saints on the Road to Sanctity

CD 4: How to Grow in the Knowledge of the Love of God

CD 5: How to Overcome the Darkness of Addictions

CD 6: How to Live the Joy of the Gospel in a World Filled with Chaos

Live the Joy! 6 CD Set

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