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Get ready, set and GO! on your Journey to YOUR Marriage Mountaintop Moments. 

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Your OPPORTUNITY to ENERGIZE your Marriage

  • One joyful night in your parish.

  • 50 couples laughing together.

  • NO lectures. NO boredom.

  • Lively conversation.

  • Exciting follow-up resources.


  • Striking and ready-to-use promotional materials - guaranteed to bring a great turnout.

  • Flexibility to choose the night, location, optional refreshments.

  • Books and workbooks included for each participant.

  • Unlimited access to marriage enrichment video series.

Welcome to your JOURNEY to JOY!

You can complete your journey in seven days, seven weeks , seven months or any time in between...the schedule is up to you! 


Just stay with it!


The Deal by Chuck Neff is an acclaimed short Catholic novel in which a disillusioned husband discovers that his marriage is worth more than a business “deal”.  Surprising encounters  elevate the relationship to something far more than an empty contract.  This valuable parable is a marriage reflection tool offering couples new hope in overcoming the struggles they face.


Seven Days to a Marriage Worth Celebrating workbook is the follow-up resource by Chuck Neff for couples to use guided conversation connections at home on their own.

We said I Do Forever.png

"The Promise- We Said I Do Forever" video series, created by Chuck Neff. Unlimited access to the acclaimed video series seen on EWTN. Real-life couples share real-world struggles, and how the power of their Catholic faith sustains them.

Digital Bonus Resources include a robust collection that equips you for your 7 "Day" Journey.

  • Authentic romance energized with music

  • Enjoyable and refreshing movie night ideas

  • Simple, inexpensive, and fun "Date Your Spouse" tips

  • Great Catholic marriage counseling and support options

  • Sacrificial love ignited through inspiring novels and biographies

  • Spiritual growth for both men and women, individually and together

  • Faith and family-affirming lifestyle encouragement

  • Shared joy that lasts a lifetime 

​​God created the world in 7 “days”… YOU can take 7 “days” to re-create YOUR marriages.



Women enjoy
the time together

Men enjoy
the simplicity and fun

The time you invest in your relationship is so worthwhile!

You will see the blessings overflow from you to your children and all your family relationships - and even bring new life into your parish community!.




Healthy marriages are the key to the survival of the Catholic Faith in parishes and in families.

Watch this short video to see the stunning stats.

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