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Here is the collection of resources and links to help you succeed on your 7 "day" journey.


ONE: YOUR WEDDING DAY - Say “I Do” Every Day

The Celebrate Catholic Marriage Music Playlist "Day" One includes a carefully curated collection of music that can imprint and evoke memories to energize your daily joyful commitment to each other. Recall that on your wedding day, you received powerful sacramental grace as a gift from Jesus, as your guest of honor, and Mother Mary as His "plus one". Some of these songs, representing many music genres, may harken back to your own wedding reception. All of them help you celebrate lifelong love. The mix of songs also includes Catholic musicians who infuse their music with spiritual themes. It's a great mix that celebrates faith and love...together.

LINK to our page to see the playlist songs and artists.

LINK to the playlist on Spotify.

TWO: ROMANCE - Discover the FUN of Dating Your Spouse

The Celebrate Catholic Marriage  - Date Your Spouse  "Day" Two includes fun ways for husbands and wives to spend special time together. First, you'll enjoy a group of seven links for entertaining date experience articles and ideas to build romance in your relationship. Second, use our handy links to get information about seven contemporary films that are great choices for at home "movie night" dates. These movies help energize your efforts to keep your marriage strong - to last a lifetime.

LINK to our page with all the "Date Your Spouse" ideas.

THREE: DISILLUSIONMENT - Dealing With the Downsides

The Celebrate Catholic Marriage: Disillusionment Resources "Day" Three on the CCME journey invites couples to discover an array of helpful options that can help - based on whatever challenges a couple might be facing. No marriage is without trials. This step equips and prepares husbands and wives to overcome problems (now or in the future). This resource list includes access to the series of encouraging videos about real life couples overcoming real-world struggles (The Promise: We Said I Do Forever),  along with links to many organizations that offer help for navigating through difficulty. 


The Promise: We Said I Do Forever Video Series.

Here's the direct link to view the video series.

LINK to our resource page for: DISILLUSIONMENT: Dealing with the Downsides.

FOUR: Love is SACRIFICIAL. Choose Mercy and Forgiveness

The Celebrate Catholic Marriage : Love is SACRIFICIAL  "Day" Four is an opportunity to engage your imagination more deeply. Choose from our recommended reading list of novels and true stories to help you reflect deeply on the restorative power of mercy and forgiveness in a marriage relationship.

LINK to our page with all the "Love is SACRIFICIAL" resources.

FIVE: Putting GOD First

The Celebrate Catholic Marriage : Putting God First  "Day" Five invites couples to be intentional about putting GOD first in your marriage. Couples who make faith and trust in God a first priority for themselves individually often sense that they are naturally drawn closer to each other as they do.

LINK to our page with all the "Putting GOD First" resources.

SIX: Living a LIFE of FAITH. 

The Celebrate Catholic Marriage : Living a Life of Faith  "Day" Six is where you take time to have thoughtful conversations about how to fully trust in God's plans for your family. Discover resources that help couples to choose healthy, happy, and holy methods of family planning.

LINK to our page with all the "Living a Life of FAITH" resources.

SEVEN: The REST and BEST of Your Life

The Celebrate Catholic Marriage : The REST and BEST of Your Life  "Day" Seven is where you celebrate experiencing your marriage "mountain top moments"...and choose from various possibilities to stay connected through spiritual HOPE and loving JOY - on a continuing basis. Choose from the CCME-recommended options to sustain your relationship individually or within groups.

LINK to our page with all the "The REST and BEST of Your Life" resources.

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